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在不斷求新、求變及進步的世界,產品均為原裝入口,具有GMP、ISO 9001和ECOCERT 的認證。同事態度的認真、執著、一絲不苟,品牌,得以在世界舞台上站立起來,現時已經進註了二十多個國家,香港和中國更加是一個重要的市場。





Merica Group International Co., Limited
 is a professional manufacturer of glass lids for cookware, iduction cooker, casting home ware and glass ware products in Hong Kong. With good quality, competitive price, punctual delivery and good afterwards service, our products are enjoying good reputation in over 30 countries worldwide.

Our annual production capacity may be 6 million pieces. Our glass lids can be fit for stainless steel pots (including frypan, stockpot, casserole, steam set, etc), aluminum cookware, enamelware, electric cookware, etc. Perfect pots should have perfect lids!

We are spending much more time on training of technicians and workers, and trying to improve our techniques and management. As top manufacture of glass lids, we hope to be good enough to supply to you goods of lower prices and better quality. As a supplier, we try to offer you more and more innovative and new items to increase value of your products.

As a good supplier, we are actively building up supply networks by opening representative offices and own warehouses in the major markets. You may contact your nearest office or warehouse of us for our service--same quality, same prices, same service.

We are welcome you to visit our China factory which located in Mao Ming, Southern China.

If there is any new requests or queries, please feel free contacting us.

About Us

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